Display Setup

This form sets the default values for the language, figures, dates, printing and display for the accounting software. This menu can also be reached from the Preferences link in the header menu.


  • Decimal Places – the number of decimal places to be displayed for Prices, Quantities, Exchange Rates, and Percentages in accounting software can be set from here.
  • Date Format and Separators – the date format and the punctuation used for number and date separators. Ensure that your user preferences date format is same with your system date format to avoid unpredictable result returned by the server.
  • Language – the default language to be displayed to users.
  • Miscellaneous – various miscellaneous settings to be used by users. Checking the show item codes will show the item codes in the item drop down menu, Start-up Tab sets the menu which will displayed immediately after the login.
  • Query page size – The default number of records to be shown on the inquiry tables (e.g customer transactions, supplier transaction inquiry) The value can range from 1 to 127 since the field is a single (8 bit) byte signed integer.
  • Remember last document date: Check this box if you want the accounting software to remember the last entered date of the transaction, which can be helpful if you entering backdated bulk data.

Tips and Tricks

If the date format is changed during a session, there will be some problem using the date picker. Logout, empty browser cache, close all browser instances and then login again.