Fixed Assets Location Transfer Feature

This functionality is used to transfer Fixed Assets from one location to another for e.g. Computers and Accessories transferred from Location A to Location B

How Does It Function?

In order to make a location transfer for a Fixed Asset, the following steps need to be followed:

1-Navigate to the Fixed Assets Module.

2-Click on Fixed Assets Location Transfer Tab.

3-Select the date on which the Location Transfer is being made.

4-Select the location from which the Fixed Asset will be transferred from in the “From” drop-down list.

5-Select the location to which the Fixed Asset will be transferred to in the “To” drop-down list.

6-In the Item Description column, select the relevant Fixed Asset that is being transferred and click on ADD ITEM

7- The Memo section can be used to input any relevant details as required.

The final step is by clicking on the Process Transfer button.



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