Multiple Inventory Location Feature


-This feature is used to transfer items of inventory from one warehouse to another. When the multiple inventory location transfer feature is enabled, items of inventory can be transferred from multiple warehouses on the same form.

-This feature can also be used to sale items of inventory, from different locations on the direct sales invoice form.

How to enable this feature?

-In order to enable this feature, navigate to the Setup module and click on “System and General GL Setup”

– Under the Items Defaults section, enable the multiple location selection on items cart feature and click on Update.

How does it function?

-In the Items and Inventory module, under Transactions section, click on Inventory location transfer tab.

-In the cart section, “From location” denotes the warehouse from which the inventory is being transferred and the “To Location” denotes the warehouse to which the inventory is being transferred to.

-Enter the relevant details and click on Add Item.

-In the direct sales invoice form, against each item, select the relevant warehouse from the location drop-down list.

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