Sales Order Inquiry


This Inquiry table shows the Sales Orders for a given range of period. You have the option to look at an entire Quotation, Mark a Sales Order to be a Template for Deliveries/Invoices, edit an Order and print an Order.

Sales order in copy



  • # – Enter the numeric ID number in the # text box to search.
  • Ref – Enter the alpha numeric Reference in the Ref. text box to search an individual record.
  • Location – Use this filter to show location wise sales order records.
  • Item Filter – Use this filter to view sales orders of a particular item/service.
  • Customer Filter – Use this filter to view sales orders of a particulars customer.
  • Click the Print  icon in the extreme right column to print the Sales Order.
  • Use Edit  icon to modify the records of Sales order.
  • Click on the Tmpl check-box to set the Sales order as a template.

You can extend the period or minimize the period or filter the Inquiry by Location and/or Item.

The Sales Orders can however be deleted when editing. And when deleting a fiscal year, the Orders inside the fiscal year will be deleted.

Those Sales order whose required by date has been passed will be shows as marked.