Creating Users

To create new users in the accounting software, click on the Setup(on the main menu) and then in the Company Setup section click on User Accounts Setup (Second link on the page). When creating a new user, you will be asked to enter a User login and Password.


*User Login: Enter the user login name here, the user login should be at least 4 characters long. This is a mandatory field.

Password: Enter the password here.

Full Name: Enter the full name of the user here, this will be displayed on the reports.

Telephone No.: Enter the telephone number of the user.

Email Address: Enter email address of the user.

Access Level: Select the access role of the user (Like System administrator, sub admin etc.), some of the access levels are already defined in the software and further can be added or changed in the user right setup. This role will define the areas in which the user can have access in the accounting software.

Language: User’s language of the software can be changed from this drop down menu. This language will be used all across the menus in the accounting software

User’s POS: This will assign the point of sale of the user, for setting up point of sale please refer to the POS section of this knowledge base.

Printing profile: This is used to select the printing profile of the user.

Use popup window for reports: This will enable/disable the popup option for viewing pdf reports.

Tips and Tricks:

For security reasons enable User Setup and Access levels edition in Super Administrator’s profile only.