Void a Transaction

For security reasons, deleting a transaction is prohibited in the accounting software,¬†instead there is a void mechanism in which only the transactions’s monetary effect is eliminated but its trail remains in the ledgers.

void T copy

To void a transaction one had to login from the System Administrator’s account and follow the following steps:

  • select Type
  • select reference number range and click Search
  • click Modify icon aside a document
  • click Void Transaction on the bottom
  • confirm by clicking Proceed

Tips and Tricks

Voiding a transaction cannot be undone in the accounting software. Make a database backup copy before voiding a transaction.

Remember when voiding a Supplier Invoice, the underlying PO Delivery is NOT voided. This is due to that a Supplier Invoice can comprise of several PO Deliveries.

If you want to void it all then this is a 2 step operation.

1. First void the Supplier Invoice
2. Then void the PO delivery(ies).